Modem & Router Manuals


DSL Configuration – Setting up DSL modem and filter

The DSL micro filter blocks the DSL signal from reaching your phone and other devices. Therefore the filter(s) needs to be put on the phone cable that connects every phone or device SHARING the phone line that has the DSL service. In other words, the only phone cable that should NOT have a filter is the cable that goes to the DSL modem. You do not need to put a filter on a phone line that does not have DSL service.

Devices such as phones, cordless phones, Caller ID Units, Fax Machines, Answering Machines, Satellite TV Receivers and Dial-Up Modems all require the use of a DSL micro filter if they share the DSL phone line.

Once again, do NOT put a micro filter on the phone cable that goes to your DSL modem.

Connecting the micro filter

Disconnect the phone’s (or other device’s) phone cord from the jack on the wall.
Insert the device’s phone cord into the DSL micro filter.
Insert the DSL Microfilters cord into the jack on the wall.
Repeat this process for every device requiring a DSL micro filter
You have put the micro filters correctly if eEvery jack with a phone, cordless phone or other device requiring a filter has a DSL micro filter and there is no micro filter on the phone cable going to your DSL modem.

Connecting the DSL modem

The next step is to actually connect the DSL modem to the phone jack and then to your computers.

Plug the power cable into the DSL modem and to an electrical outlet.
Plug a phone cable into the DSL modem and the other end into a telephone wall jack. There should NOT be a filter between the modem and the wall jack.
Plug one end of the Ethernet cable (data cable) into the network adapter card of your computer and the other end into the Ethernet port on the DSL modem. Note: The Ethernet port looks like a normal telephone jack, but is larger in size.
Your DSL modem setup is now complete!

DSL Troubleshooting

Are the lights on the DSL modem on?
Is your computer or router properly connected to the modem?
Have you rebooted the modem, router and computer?
If you are still unable to solve the problem, please call us for technical support at 310-442-1530.