High-Speed Broadband Internet Service


High-Speed Broadband Overview

High-speed Broadband Internet access from Netwood provides an affordable broadband connection to the Internet for your residence or business. We service both residential and commercial zoned locations so we can provide Internet access for your home office, branch office or residential home as well as your business location with the benefit of optimum performance.

High-speed Broadband provides download speeds up to 50Mb. For some commercial locations, speeds up to 300Mb is available. The High-speed Broadband connection runs over a nationwide, multi-redundant network that optimizes performance and security. High-speed Broadband is an ideal solution for small and medium-sized businesses that requires high bandwidth on demand.

Static IP address is available for all residential and commercial services.

High-speed Broadband connectivity from Netwood is available in all 50 states.

*Prices are not listed due to variables to each location.

Residential zoned locations Commercial zoned locations
Available speeds: 10/1.5, 15/2, 50/5 Available speeds: 10/1, 12/1.5, 15/2, 35/5, 50/5
Static IP address available Static IP address available
99.5% uptime 99.5% uptime
Secure all-optical nationwide network Secure all-optical nationwide network

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